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Newsletter Extra: TV Entertainment via the Internet

This is an exciting time in the world of entertainment. You have so many more options on how to access TV programs, movies, and music to enjoy at home. No longer are you restricted to the choice of either a cable TV subscription or a satellite dish as you have been in years passed. With […]

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Newsletter Extra: Energy Saving Tips

With energy costs continuing to rise, you might want to consider some low-tech gifts that give the gift of savings all year long by reducing energy consumption. Vampire electronics are gadgets that consume standby power when they’re not in use. In most homes, the computer workstation and home entertainment system are the biggest energy vampires […]

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Save Time When Paying Your Bills

Summer time can be busy with vacations, kids’ summer activities, lawn and garden care, and harvests.  If you are looking for one-less thing to worry about, recurring or online bill payment may be for you. Many companies, including Haviland Telephone, offer one-time and recurring bill payment through their websites.  Banks also offer online bill payment […]

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How to Read Your New Bill Format

Having trouble understanding our new bill format?  We enclosed a “how to” sheet in the January billing.  While it uses a fictitious account and phone company as an example, it will clearly walk you through the different parts of your bill.  A copy of the guide can be viewed through the link below. Haviland Telephone […]

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