Telephone Assistance Helps You “Stay Connected”

Haviland Telephone wants residents to “stay connected” and is reaching out to those who need phone service but can’t afford it. Haviland Telephone annually educates is customers about the  Lifeline Program which offers discounts to help residents gain access to basic local telephone service. The Lifeline program is made possible by the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC), the state agency in charge of regulating the rates and services of telephone companies.  The basic concept of the programs is simple: Lifeline provides discounts on monthly telephone charges, in Kansas up to $17.02 per month.

The Universal Service Administrative Company, the federal entity responsible for administering the funds that pay for Lifeline, annually completes a study of Lifeline participation in each state. According to their recent estimates, 10-20% of Kansas households are eligible for the program, but only 5% of Haviland Telephone residential customers are currently participating.

To learn more about the program guidelines and obtain an application, visit our website or contact one of our offices.  Conway Springs Office: 800-287-7905
Haviland Office: 800-339-8052


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