Don’t Think You Need A Landline? Think Again

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????In today’s wireless world, people often ask whether landline phones are still necessary.

The answer is simple — yes! The landline phone is still seen as a necessity by millions of Americans, and there’s a good reason for that. So before you consider using just your mobile phone, let’s consider the benefits.

Calling 911: You’d think in the world we live in 911 would be able to trace your wireless number immediately, but the fact is your landline phone is tied into your address. This address will display right away on the emergency response system, informing the dispatcher from the beginning regardless if the caller knows the address or not.

Power Outages: As entertaining as power outages can initially be, burning candles is only fun for so long before your gadgets (including cell phone) run out of battery juice. Luckily, your corded landline phone will still work due to Haviland’s emergency back-up system, so you can stay in touch with friends, family, and neighbors.

Cell Reception: We’ve all experienced it. Some spots in our house have that mysterious Bermuda Triangle of cell reception. One spot has four bars, and two steps later your call is dropped. The landline phone is reliable 99.999% of the time. Even if your cell reception is great, the chance of a disrupted call is far greater on a cell phone than a landline. The last thing you want is a choppy call when you’re interviewing for a new job by phone or visiting with your grandmother on her birthday. Reliability is key for a lot of conversations, so don’t neglect your landline phone.

Landline phone service has been around for over a century. It is a tried and true technology. Although it may seem to you like an older technology in comparison to the advancements in the mobile world, remember that it can still be an invaluable tool for you and your family.

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