Taxes Paid in 2012

Each year, Haviland Telephone Company pays property taxes on cable, switching equipment, vehicles, buildings, furniture, and the company’s ability to generate revenue.  For property taxes, HTC is assessed at the State level, not by the local county assessor. We are required to file a comprehensive report annually to the Kansas Department of Revenue, including location, original book value, and type of all assets by Township. This report covers all financial data, and many operating details.


The Department of Revenue then looks at the total company situation: total assets, age of assets, change in status from last assessment, anticipated change and ability to generate revenue. This includes everything from vehicles and buildings to cables and services. We even have to pay taxes on our Long Distance operation. Although there is no physical asset or property tied to it, our Long Distance services have the ability to generate revenue. HTC is assigned a valuation by the Department of Revenue, then assessed at 33% times the local mill rate levy. Much of the local taxes this generates goes right back into our local governments and public schools.


Taxes Paid to Each County in 2012


Property Taxes


















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