Are You Foggy On Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing, used in the marketing of services like Amazon’s Cloud Drive, is one of the more prominent buzzwords in technology today. But do you understand what it means? In basic terms, cloud computing is the use of computing resources controlled by someone else and not located near the user. Cloud computing relies upon a vast network of hardware and software to distribute computing resources to users, and the Web is the network upon which almost all cloud computing operates.

There are three general categories of cloud computing: Storage, Software, and Hosting (such as for email or a website). The easiest way to understand the difference between local and cloud computing is to look at a few examples of software and hardware that perform the same or similar functions.

Not all cloud services are one-for-one substitutes for their desktop counterpart. For example, Microsoft Office has many more features than Google Docs, although the latter makes cooperation between remotely located users easier. You also have much more control over music that you’ve purchased than what you rent from a cloud service like Pandora.

All things considered, it’s safe to say that tomorrow’s forecast will include clouds.


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