Haviland Telephone Expands Services to Coldwater

Haviland Telephone Company is pleased to announce the launch of its GMAXX high speed internet service to residents in the Coldwater, Kansas area.  This new technology replaces the wireless internet service previously provided by Giant Communications, Inc. and Pixius Communications, LLC.  The new GMAXX high speed internet service allows Haviland to provide these customers with faster speeds, a more reliable connection, and a reduction in their monthly bill. 

Prior to this transition, customers were receiving download speeds from 512 to 768 kilobytes per second.  Now customers can receive download speeds of 6 megabytes (6000 kilobytes) per second for the same monthly price or less.  These faster speeds will significantly improve a customer’s ability to stream and download music, games and video. Haviland Telephone is able to offer this value because of its updated wi-max wireless internet equipment and its fiber connection to the primary distribution tower, which is located at the Farmer’s Cooperative in Coldwater. Service will be available to business and residential customers within an approximate six mile radius of this tower.

The transition of existing Giant and Pixius customers to Haviland’s service was completed in July.  New customers interested in obtaining service may contact the Haviland office at (800) 339-8052 or visit http://www.gmaxx.us/.

Haviland Telephone maintains offices in Conway Springs and Haviland, proudly serving the following communities with telephone and DSL internet services: Argonia, Coats, Conway Springs, Cullison, Haviland, Isabel, Mullinville, Nashville, Norwich, Riverdale, Sawyer, and Wilmore. Haviland Telephone also provides GMAXX high speed wireless internet service to the residents of Greensburg.

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